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Your window coverings make a difference during California’s chilly months!

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  • Casual or Formal?

    What's your personality, what's your mood? Selecting a window covering to accomodate your daily lifestyle needs is important.

  • Office or Home

    Work or play, it's important to feel comfortable while you're doing it.

  • Ease of Operation

    Big spaces, tall ceilings and busy schedules benefit from automatic and remote operation.

  • Materials

    What materials appeal to your senses? The tactile and visual appeal of natural or man-made materials? Wood or metal? Film or drapery?

  • Easy Maintenance

    Is your life full of activity, pets, children and flying objects? Or is it hard to raise the dust? Easy to care for materials and styles are something to consider.

  • Service and Design Partner

    Working with a provider who can translate your lifestyle needs into real solutions is key to investing wisely in window treatments. Let Berkeley Window Shade Co. help you make the most of precious time and money - let us do the work for you.